Sunday, June 21, 2009



Finally got an opportunity to visit the new Wolfgang's Steakhouse at the Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center in Waikiki. Wolfgang's is not Wolfgang Puck as everyone seems to think. This Wolfgang's is an off shoot of Wolfgang Zwiener from New York. Wolfgang spent many years at the great steakhouse called Peter Luger's in New York City. His goal was to take all his experiences at Peter Lugar's and make it better. The Steaks served at Wolfgang's are dry aged for a set number of weeks in a temperature and humidity controlled room. The Manager in Waikiki is William. He remembered us from his days as head waiter at Mortons in Honolulu. William quickly greeted our table and asked if we would like to see the kitchen and dry age room. We all said yes and were lead through the kitchen to a room filled with the largest cuts of beef I have ever seen. All clearly marked with dates so they can be used at the perfect time.Back up to the wait for our table and while sitting at the bar the bartender pulls out a basket of fresh, hot homemade potato chips. These chips were great. Thick, salty and full of potato flavor. You could easily sit at the bar and fill up on these bad boys. Back at the table, we were given another basket filled with fresh hot breads. There were probably three different types. I tried the one with onions on to and it was good. I opted for a Caesar Salad ($10,95). It was pretty basic. My friend ordered the Tomato, Onion and Mozzarella Salad ($14.95). Huge pieces of thick tomato, onion and cheese. Enough for two people. Our other friend went for the Wolfgang Salad ($15). I tried some of this and it was great. The salad features a combination of Lettuce, red onion, roasted sweet peppers, shrimp and bacon with a house dressing. Speaking of bacon, we ordered one slice of Wolfgang's Canadian Bacon ($3). This 1/4" or larger piece of bacon filled a plate. We all shared it with our salads and loved it. Our waiter suggested that we try sharing our steak. He said they would bring the steak to the table and cut it up for everyone. He also suggested that we order the steak for two even though there were three of us at the table. Good tip since we would have went for steak for three had he not let us know that the cuts were huge. The steak for two is $143.85. Good thing I was not picking up the tab. The steak for two easily served all three of us. So figure about $50 per person for the steak. We were busting out full by the time we were finished. The steak was presented on a sizzling platter and cut into nice slices. It was cooked to absolute perfection and was juicy, perfectly seasoned and delicious. One of the best steaks I have ever had in Hawaii.
To accompany our steak we ordered Steamed Broccoli ($9.95) and German Potatoes ($13.95) that were recommended by our waiter. Wow....these potatoes are the best. Basically hash browns filled with onions and bacon. This is a MUST try when you visit Wolfgang's. This was a terrific dinner and when we finished William sent over a complimentary plate of desserts. Plain and Chocolate Cheese Cake and Key Lime Pie with Ice Cream. The Cheesecake was thick and dense New York Style which I love. The service was fantastic from start to finish. The staff really seemed to understand customer service. The dining room at Wolfgang's is a big open space with a lot of tables. There seemed to be no dress code as my guest dined in shorts, t-shirt and slippers. Wolfgang's may be pricey, but it was worth it. The wine list is good but most of the wines are over $100 per bottle. Our wine tab equalled our food tab. Can't wait to return.

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