Sunday, May 10, 2009



From the moment you drive up to the new Trump International you are transformed into a world of Five Star surroundings and service. When you enter the building there are two entrances. One is for the hotel and the other is for those fortunate few that actually own a unit in this beautiful building that is almost 100 stories high. It is the tallest building in Chicago just ten stories less than the Sears Tower. We arrived early one morning to enjoy breakfast at the Hotels signature restaurant called "16". 16 simply represents the floor that the restaurant is located on. We took the elevator to the 16th floor and when the doors opened we were met by a smiling receptionist and the ever sophisticated Manager Mr. Vito Paran. Vito is a twenty year veteran of the food industry and has served as Maitre D on cruise ships around the world. His passion for service is a rare find. He truly understands what "service" means and does everything possible to make your visit to his restaurant a memorable one. Vito sat us at a window seat overlooking the city. The restaurant features a huge outdoor terrace that will be the "place to be" when the weather allows them to set up tables for service here. The dinning room is split into three sections. A main section and then two smaller rooms that can be used for groups or meetings. All flow nicely and infused with natural light and views that are dramatic. The main dining room has a huge chandelier that falls from what looks like a forty foot ceiling. The morning specialties include your basic omelet, quesadilla, eggs benedict, frittata and eggs with corned beef. One item jumped out at me like a light. It was the Lobster Tostada with Poached Eggs and Bearnaise Sauce ($32). I had to try this. The dish was absolutely fantastic. Huge chunks of fresh lobster topped with a poached egg and covered in Bearnaise. Served on top of a lightly fried tostada shell. This was truly indulgent but one of the best breakfast dishes I have ever enjoyed. We also tried the Vegetable Frittata with crispy zucchini and spicy tomato sauce ($18). My wife said it was really delicious and I agree. My daughter had the French Toast with Berries. This dish not only looked great but tasted equally good. The chef here is good and I would love to try his lunch and dinner menus on another visit. Now back to Vito. Vito took us for a tour of the hotel which included the spa, pool area and rooms. Wow.....this place is first class all the way. And so is Vito. During our tour Vito would always stop and pick up any little item he saw that was on the floor or out of place. He sees everything and is always doing his part to make this a five star property. Our thanks to Vito for his kind and humble personal service.

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  1. Thanks for the nice comments Drew. I am glad you enjoyed your breakfast experience at 16 and it was my pleasure hosting you and your family. Next time you're in town, try our lunch or dinner offerings.


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