Friday, August 29, 2008


Gainesville, Florida
We don't have Chipotle Mexican Grill in Hawaii so I really wanted to try this place. We passed a Chipotle directly across from the University of Florida twice on this trip. Both times the lines were so long we decided not to go in. As we were driving back to our hotel we saw that there was another Chipotle right near our hotel. We ventured in and there was a very short line. The menu is very simple. You choose either a burrito, fajita burrito, burrito bowl, tacos or salad with chicken, steak, carnitas, barbacoa or vegetarian fillings. Then you go down the line and add whatever topping and salsa you like. Every dish is around $6.00. We ordered soft tacos with chicken, barbacoa and steak. I topped mine with hot salsa, lettuce and just a tiny bit of cheese. My wife went for the quacamole and lots of cheese. The barbacoa is a spicy shredded naturally raised beef braised in chipotle adobo, cumin, cloves, garlic and oregeno. The steak taco uses a cubed beef that is marinated for hours in chipotle adobo and then grilled. The chicken tacos are naturally raised, vegetarian fed chicken that is marinated in chipotle pepper, adobo and then grilled. All of the tacos were great. You get three tacos per order and can mix or match them. There were alot of burritos being served. They are huge. By the time we got through the short line dozen of people including the University of Pacific Volleyball team were all waiting in line. This place rocks. It is only a matter of time before you see the Chipotle Grill in your neigborhood and hopefully Hawaii.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this! (Heard about this restaurant chain when I watched the extras on the 'Food, Inc.' DVD. Then I ran through a search, hoping that one was somewhere in Hawaii... No such luck).

Hopefully one will open in Hawaii sometime in the future (especially in the Aiea/Pearl City area?)... I know. Just wishful thinking... ;-D